The Beginning …

Well, actually, its not the beginning. The journey to Senija started many, many years ago and it is only now that Sarah and I (David) have realised where we are heading. The journey, the adventure, is “To Senija” in the beautiful Marina Alta region of Spain.

Come with us as we make our way. The seed was sown when Sarah came to Spain with our good friends Dave and Fi in 2014 to look at property. Long story short, “We Bought a House”.

A lovely Belgium couple Leo and Marja are renting from us until August 2020 so we are taking the long way round to Senija. It starts here and now as we plan the way. We have many stories to tell and I will seed them into the narrative, perhaps on those quiet days when things are just normal stuff and there is nothing specific to relay to you.

Expect a variety of postings from lengthy to just a few short words. I’m only human so some days I will want to empty and others just mumble something. But that of course is part of the story … how we feel as much as what we are doing.

We hope you are entertained, motivated or just interested in the story. For me it is the therapy of putting finger to keyboard and offloading my brain. Being at one with Pooh Bear, I am of little brain so I can’t hold much in … I have to place it on these pages.

Come with us on the journey, you are very welcome. Sign up and follow.

Your Life In Your Hands, Make Good Use of It! 

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