Dear Elizabeth

In the short time that we have been searching for housesits or Workaways we have come across a variety of opportunities. Like all things it can be a statistical approach. The more you apply for the more opportunities will come your way. And by doing this there is the high chance that you may have to disappoint home owners as multiple opportunities are offered. The perceived good housesits can receive up to 50 applications or more so I understand the potential lack of communication. It is odd though, perhaps rude, that those people who only have a handful of applications often don’t even acknowledge your interest let alone write back to you.

We thank all those people who did have the courtesy to respond to our humble interest.

Then there are those who seem to want to write at every opportunity, creating a dialogue of Facebook proportions. Dear Elizabeth from Shaftesbury, located in the beautiful county of Dorset in the UK is a case in point. We were looking to fill the April to May gap and Elizabeth, new to hosting housesiters, just happened to have a 5 week opportunity to housesit which suited us fine. The problem of being a new host is that small issue of trust and overcoming the fear of letting a stranger into your home as concierge for weeks or even months. Think of all the weird things they will do with your stuff!? New hosts often don’t realise that they can’t spend too much time dithering about the green-eyed monster that will take over their home. What has become clear to Sarah and I is that the good housesiters get booked quickly. And … we are good housekeepers and modest of course. I did warn Elizabeth.

But no, she wanted to take her time. Sort through the applications. Consider them. Shuffle them. Pray. Worry. We had many an exchange of emails. In one of them she mentioned that she had friends in Australia who perhaps could interview us. “Did we know Janet and Bruce Simpson?” Oh dear. I had to explain that there were more than 11 people in Sydney, it is a big city and no, we didn’t know these people!

The next few emails were stressed, panic, what should I do types. The insurers had been approached and we would be okay to use her car. This was clearly not going to be an easy decision for Elizabeth and she said so. Of course as a host you have to go through a process. But don’t sit there thinking that you have all the time in world. You don’t. Not if you want the best. As predicted, we were offered an opportunity in France and Shaftesbury is left, perhaps, for another time. Dear Elizabeth!

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