A week has …

A week has past and much has been achieved. We have sorted most of our stuff. What is going and what is being shipped. All that is left is to prepare the boxes for the UK, Spain and Italy. The buffet, TV Cabinet and a few bits and pieces are sold, but there are still some items on Gumtree. As always Christmas came and went quickly. Lexi and Brit joined us for for our last Christmas lunch in Australia. Lexi also joined us on New Years Eve. We celebrated at midnight in the traditional Spanish way by eating 12 grapes. One at each of the 12 chimes. Sarah had a strategy that paid off. She didn’t put her grapes in the fridge. Lexi and I had nice crisp grapes, but they set my teeth on edge as I bit into them. Warm grapes next year.

Today is the 1 January 2018. This year, in fact in only a few months we embark on our adventure. The next phase of our lives. Thank you God for his gift.

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