After carrying them …

After carrying them from country to country, city to city over the last 24 years the most travelled stamp collection in the world was sold. With mild emotion. As a young boy I collected stamps. It began when a guest staying at Mum and Dads left with a parting gift to me of a few stamps in a stock book. Later, I subscribed to every First Day Cover from about 1968 through to 1998, when I basically lost interest.

Young people don’t collect stamps anymore as they have other distractions. Stamps are really for those very high value collectors items as an investment or the trail of old stamp collectors that still enjoy the hobby in their retirement. It is because of this that the fortune I thought I held did not materialise. I guessed somewhere amongst my collection and shoeboxes of stamps there was real value. Perhaps there is, but finding it is another thing. The general value of stamps has declined over the years and so I sat in the Fairfield Foodcourt and gave my whole collection away to Bert for $200. Sad in a way. Not just because I had held on to them for so long, but the minor disappointment of their value. I realise of course that the real value in them was the joy and learning that they brought as a young boy and consoled myself that they had gone to a good home.

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