There is a …

There is a feeling flowing through my blood that the time to leave for Europe is drawing close. As I ready for Monday and my last few months at Primary Health Care, I suspect that people will be racing around with the normal corporate dramas as I focus on preparing for the departure. It is like we are moving in 2 different directions at different speeds.

Anyway, in an effort to maintain my 15 minute daily dose of sunshine, I wandered over to my usual spot in the park. Not entirely secluded, but sectioned off by a few low level hedges. People go about their business as they pass and the occasional dog sniffs around.

I lay a couple of big towels down as the grass is not cut short and so is a bit spikey, plus the long grass hides undesirables. Sarah isn’t keen on sunbathing in a bikini in the park. Not many people do sunbathe so she feels a bit self conscious which I understand.

Today however, an amusing thing happened. As I was on my tummy “doing” my back and playing with my iPhone, a young fella turned up with a towel, said hi and hoped I didn’t mind if he joined me. Taken aback I just said “go for your life”. I didn’t no what to think. he was all muscle and tattoo and wearing a cap and small shorts. Of all the space in the park why on earth did he chose to put his towel down right next to me. I didn’t know wether he fancied me, was going to mug me or was a complete nutcase!

A thousand things were going through my head when he abruptly stood up saying in a slightly embarrassed tone “thats enough, my mates dared me to do it”. I mumbled good for them and he was off. It was quite amusing for me, but I have a sense that it fell a bit flat for the larrikins who egged him on to do it. Basically it turned out to be a bit of a wank. Surely if they wanted to target someone it would be a young babe that they could chat up, not a father figure.

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