Another week closer.

Another week closer. This week we received the quote for the shipping and storage. Box by box it is probably cheaper to ship from Sydney to Spain than it is from Brisbane to Sydney! Nonetheless, despite having sold off a few big bits of furniture the price still came in just over my budget of $10k. I had hoped for it to come in under, but at least 33% is the 2 years of storage. After the Williams & Co board meeting on Sunday we decided to sell off some more of the big stuff as it really won’t fit in terms of style into our house in Senija. Hopefully that will bring some cost down and we won’t be storing stuff that we don’t really want.

We also decided to stay on at Ruby Tower until 31 March rather than housesit. Although we won’t save on rent it means that we aren’t under any pressure, particularly as suitable dates and locations haven’t been forthcoming.

Today we had lunch with Viv and Phil down at El Camino Cantina in The Rocks, a Mexican restaurant. Very funky and great food. Bit of a goodbye. We may see them in Europe, but they are off on their own adventure to Tasmania at the beginning of February.

Until next time 🌏

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