Some more tasks …

Some more tasks ticked off the check list. This weekend I listed the car for sale and some of the big furniture for sale on Gumtree. Sarah managed to do some research on shipping a box to the UK. Looks like a standard size box will cost about $400, but only take 4-5 days. I think clearing customs swiftly is the biggest issue. Still, we have a little while to sort it, although I’ll have to do another round of culling. Sarah purchased some vacuum packs so that will help make more space.

The revised quote from Chess if we don’t take the furniture is only $3000 cheaper. Despite that we still decided to sell the furniture as it just won’t fit in terms of style into Senija and I don’t want to pay storage for the next 2 years on stuff that we don’t want!

Our Velocity Amex card has an option to convert to a new country/currency, but we discovered this week that we need a telephone number from the new country, so that means waiting until we get to spain. Still working on medical insurance. First quotes would be about 28 Euros per week. I just had a thought as I am writing and I don’t know whether that is per couple or per person? I’ll have to investigate. What ever … its still a bit expensive, but then health insurance is!

Good news is that it looks as though we have tenant for the Breeze in Melbourne so thats at least one less thing to think about.

Until next time šŸŒ

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