The trouble with … šŸŒ

The trouble with walking morning and evening is that this form of mobile meditation also provides the opportunity to think and observe through mindfulness the details of life around you. Sunday provided such an accession and for some unknown reason I started to take photographs. It was a longer walk than usual as I studiedĀ BikeArt, TrolleyArt and the CommunityArt around me and posted it all to my Catch It All PhotosĀ page on Instagram.

For some mysterious reason my MacPro just gave up on me at the weekend. I launched the laptop, and logged-in, but the black progress bar took an agonisingly long time to complete and then just stayed there frozen on the screen looking at me with menace. I made a few more attempts to login with the same result, eventually calling the Apple Support line. They tried to help and a guy from the support desk in New Zealand talked me through a number of steps to no avail. In the end he suggested re-loading the operating system, which ran over night and early morning. Clearly something wasn’t right. I made an appointment with CompNow, a local Apple approved service centre in Alexandria. The boy at the front desk, obviously not at school today, asked how long I had the Mac and I thought about 3-4 years. They had all my details on the system, such as when and where I purchased the Mac and I had actually bought it 6 years ago at Dick Smith. I couldn’t believe the time had passed so quickly. Because it is so “old” in computer terms, it is now classed as vintage and can only be serviced by certain approved Apple centres. CompNow was not one of them. I didn’t want to buy another just yet until we were settled in Spain, so I have reverted to my HP, which is actually newer, about 18 months old, certainly not vintage yet! The Mac and an old Toshiba are now awaiting dismantling before disposal. Of course not having used the HP for some months I had a backlog of updates which basically took one more overnight session and the panic another laptop would end up in the bin … or flying out of the window from the 13th floor! Fortunately, fingers crossed, all is now well.

Earlier on Monday the boxes arrived from Seven Seas for our shipping to the UK. They don’t look very big and when packed must not weigh more than 30 kg. I guess we will have to think a bit about what we really need. Can wait for another day.

Sarah spent Thursday night putting little price tags on her clothes for the Glebe Market on Saturday. Thankfully for the girls the weather was good. Britt managed to borrow a car, but she was a bit anxious as it was new and jammed full. Sarah was meeting them at the market and so I helped Britt and Lexi load Sarah’s clothes and bags into an already bulging little car. Britt was getting more anxious by the moment, but eventually they got everything in and off they went. It was a good day. They sold some stuff and so Lexi and Sarah will do the next market on 18 March.

I had a bit of success on Saturday too as I managed to sell my motorcycle jacket on Gumtree.

Wednesday was my last day in the corporate world. I managed to come to an arrangement with Primary Health Care which means that I now have more time to get some things ready for the trip. Needless to say the event passed quietly and unceremoniously as was my desire. I can also start to give some focus to the multitude of ideas that Sarah and I have for our virtual online businesses.

This weekend also witnessed the start of the Year of the Dog for the 2018 Chinese New Year. According to the Chinese horoscope 2018 is a good time for lifestyle changes and for the start of new business ventures. Well, we certainly have got both of those covered.Ā Dogue, the local pet spa were doing some dog grooming in East Village and their ambassador was a very smart little thing wearing a lovely red coat for his special year!

On Sunday we went to the TomatoĀ Festival Sydney and attended the Longest Tomato Lunch withĀ Larissa and Lexi. A beautiful Summer day in the BotanicalĀ Gardens overlooking the harbour with views of theĀ  Sydney HarbourĀ Bridge and Opera House.

Until next time … šŸŒ

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