A big week … 🌏

A big week in the making. Good start with a trip to the dentist which I hate. It probably has something to do with the trauma I suffered as a very young child. The first time I was put to sleep and this ugly big mask covered my face. I always remember it like one of those old leather camera cases. It nearly swallowed my head. On another occasion the dentist or his frankenstein assistant somehow managed to create a hole in my tongue. Things are very different now and my dentist Caroline is lovely, but I still hate going. After an xray and clean there is the pocket-pain! A small filling later I was off, but not without making another appointment for Friday morning … for another filling …ah.

Why does the dentist ask open ended questions when your mouth is full of cotton wool, pipes and their rubbery fingers?

Sorted the cleaners plus carpet steaming for the move-out. When it is a move-out I think the prices go up significantly. Its like the difference between hiring a car … and then hiring a car for a wedding!

Tuesday was a big day as Sarah had her appointment with the surgeon about her hip. This is the unsettling situation I referred to in last weeks update. I won’t write too much about this as Sarah is covering it off in her Activ8Energy  Blog (see the Hippy Times category) to record the whole story and how she will bounce back to her normal warrior, superhuman status. Having said that, lying in a hospital bed she is still superhuman!

Long and the short of it is that our plans will change as Sarah, to her surprise, was told the operation could be on Saturday (17th). This sent our heads spinning a bit, but Sarah was very keen to get it out of the way. Both our heads were in the clouds wondering what to do now as there were a number of options we could follow. By Thursday we had agreed a plan, advised family and spoke to Dave & Fi in Spain to check we could move the dates that we we would stay with them. So, I will stay on in Sydney an extra 2 weeks and leave for Spain mid-April. Sarah will follow-on (subject to recovery) just over a week later. This means that we have to cancel the first 2 housesits in France. I wrote to the owners on Saturday once we had confirmed our new plan and they were both very understanding. Sarah and I will then be in Javea together for 3-4 days before we head off to Chateau Le Mur in Carentoir.

Meanwhile, there was a short term situation to sort out and that was where would we stay for the next 4 weeks plus as we are vacating the apartment in the last week of March. Airbnb here we come. We have found a nice little sandstone cottage in Darlinghurst right in the city for a couple of weeks and then it’s off to stay with friends.

On friday the last 2 boxes were sealed ready for collection by Seven Seas for shipment to the UK. There are post-it notes around the apartment to remind me to be home this time!

So Saturday! Sarah had to be at St Vincent’s by 10:30 am for admission. I of course suggested that we take a sedate ride in an Uber up to the hospital, but Sarah, realising that this would probably be the last time she could ride her scooter (Elvis) decided for the both of us that we would go on the Piaggio. Reluctantly I accepted my orders and like a deformed turtle I sat on the back of the scooter with a backpack that I obviously had not adjusted properly as it crept up my neck and pressed too hard on my back.

And we were off. I held on to the little waist, but soon realised that at some point I was going to push Sarah over the handlebars very soon due to the less than delicate braking. I then resolved to hold the small frame behind me and gripped with all my life. At this point Sarah forgot that I was on the back and the problem was pulling away. I had visions of falling off the back as the scooter zoomed away, Wonder Woman oblivious to the squashed heap in the middle of the road. I quickly decided to ask God to forgive all my sins … forgetting that this may take him a long time to go through them all ... if he could just get us to the hospital alive ...we were going in the right direction anyway... I would be very grateful.

Fortunately, he/she did hear my plea and we arrived safely at St Vincent’s. It reminded me of an article on gazettelive.co.uk that my sister sent us last week, that David and Sarah are the UK’s most dangerous drivers by name!

Sarah went under the knife an hour earlier than expected, but was in recovery a lot longer due to her low blood pressure. She has low blood pressure anyway, but everyone was concerned. I’ll let her tell you all about it in Hippy Times Hippy Times. Picture is obviously a before, but anyone knowing Sarah could take it as an after. I have lost count of the people over the years telling me how amazing she is. It’s as if they think I don’t know. Why the the bloody hell do you think I fell in love and married her?

Until next time … 🌏

One thought on “A big week … 🌏

  1. Hey David. Hope Sarah is on the mend being such a fit person will make a huge difference to her recovery. Take care and much love. Jude


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