Panjas, in southwestern … 🌏

Panjas, in southwestern France is a possible housesit opportunity with Richard and Lyndsay. Not too far from the Spanish border should we need to pop back to Spain. They live on 4 acres with their 4 dogs .. an acre each I guess… nestled among the Armagnac vines and sunflowers in the rolling hills of the Gers. The Pyrenees rise up in the distance and the coast is only 90 minutes away. Lyndsay runs a fascinating business called Neo-Walk making acrylic walking sticks in all sorts of colours. We catch up with them on Skype and they promise to settle on some dates and let us know.

In a few weeks time we are due to be in Le Peyrail, just 10 minutes from St Foy La Grande to housesit for Jo-anne. The house is in the Gironde countryside surrounded by the famous Bordeaux vines. This is an interesting assignment looking after 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 horses, fish, a bird and a pig! Although we have exchanged messages and confirmed the housesit we still haven’t spoken and tied down dates so Sarah and I are keen to catch up with Jo. But we are like ships in the night and just can’t seem to engage. Jo is an Artist and I guess becomes engrossed in her work, however we need to sort this out soon.

Dave fires up his BBQ for the first time this season and it is just warm enough to eat outside. Keith and Eileen come down to join us. The evening closes in and we pull the drapes around the marquee as the cool air starts to bite. The weather has been good since we arrived, but it is still cool in the shade even during the day.


We have vouchers again for breakfast at Scallops. I go for my walk and time it to meet Sarah, who comes straight from the gym and Dave & Fi who drive down from home.

The fruit and vegetables in the supermarkets here are not that impressive. Certainly, Wolloworths and Coles in Sydney put on a much better display … but the difference in price is significant. We hear of the Javea Municipal Market that is open during the week in the old convent where the nuns lived and worked. After breakfast we drive up to the Old Town. Navigating the laneways up through Calle del Gual to Plaza Baix we arrive at the Town Hall. Outside is a beautiful cross made of Red Anthiriums. Throughout the town crosses are made from flowers as on offering to Joses Nazareno during the fiesta week.

One more plaza up and we arrive at the market. It is quiet and not much going on. There are some interesting foods on display, but it isn’t as bustling as we expected and the fresh fruit and vegetables not much better than the supermarkets. We guess this is basically the Old Town convenience store. There is a much activity around the bar though. Should we be surprised? The outcome is that we will need to do a weekly shop at the Thursday market in the Old Town. We were here last year for that and it is truly amazing.

We catch up with Victoria at Golden Leaves International to present the completed forms for the health insurance. They have to be submitted and reviewed so it means waiting for about a week! Its then off to Playa del Arenal beach for a coffee at Nostro. The weather is good and the traffic is starting to build. We are on the cusp of the new season and it is starting to get noticeably busier. The biggest clue is the difficulty in trying to find somewhere to park. When we eventually do find a spot I remember to look for the visibility vests and triangle in the back of the car. I didn’t think we had them and thought we may need to go to the Chinese Bazaar as they are a statutory requirement to have in your vehicle. Surprisingly the red first aid satchel that I open reveals the brightly coloured vests, plus a neatly folded triangle.

Tuesday is a catch up day and apart from the quiz …which we won this week… at the Bull & Bear and packing ready for tomorrow, the day passes uneventfully.

Until next time 🌏

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