I know that … 🌏

I know that Sarah is up. I am just dozing. The alarm will go off soon, but I hear a tin tin sound on the floor. Its something moving. Suddenly a heavy weight is on the bed. I roll over and then a wet leather thing licks my armpit. Mini has come down to say good morning!

Today we go to Moraira market in the hope we can find better vegetables than in the supermarket. But we don’t. It is disappointing. The displays are not so inviting as the Thursday Javea market, but we need to get some things and find an okay stall where we buy all that we need.

One of the reasons for coming to Moraira was to visit Matt the English Butcher. We had some of his Cumberland sausages at Keith and Eileen’s and thought we would get some for the BBQ on Saturday. And we do, plus steak, black pudding and bacon. English bacon is so match better than Australian. Matt whispers which is strange for such a big man … typical butcher stature. He whispers to us, as if some State secret, that he also does cooked ham, but we decline having already cleared the display cabinet of his Cumberlands!

In the afternoon we sunbathe on the terrace. But Mini joins me on the sun lounger, settled between my legs as if by royal decree. She has to be close. There is no peace.

I decide to clean the BBQ and fire it up to full power to burn away some of the grease. 30 seconds later it goes pop and the flame disappears. The full bottle I was promised was in fact a nearly empty bottle. Fortunately Steve has a spare so I connect it. I remove the grills and it looks as if it hasn’t been cleaned for a while. Probably since it was purchased. About 90 minutes later, covered in grease and ash … and having remembered where all the parts fit as I put the BBQ back together, we were now ready to cook something. I don’t think Sarah had the heart to make it dirty so decided to put the chicken in the oven and save the clean BBQ for Dave and Fi on Sunday!


Sarah is at the gym and so I agree to meet her in Javea so that she doesn’t have to drive all the way back to Ambolo. I then walk down the hill to Javea along the Ctr. de la Guardia, stopping on the way for a scenic photo across the town and El Arenal Beach. I have been researching where to source a new laptop for Sarah. Its not quite like Sydney. There is no Harvey Norman, JB HiFi or cool Apple Store. Perhaps in Madrid and Barcelona, but not here in tourist Costa Blanca. There are no showrooms with lots of laptops to dazzle and play with. It seems you have an idea what you want, talk to the shop assistant and then buy one based on a picture. We tried this at PC Highway in Javea. Heidi was very helpful and there was a stunning looking all-in-one MSi large screen computer in the store. Armed with information we continued into the Port Town. Our next stop PC Solutions where Carl educated us a little more on the features and benefits of the Lenovo and MSi. We need something portable so the sleek MSi al-in-one is not suitable and in the end opt for the MSi GP62M. Enough powder to fly to the moon and a keyboard that lights up like a firework display.

Sunday is full of routine and planning. The morning starts with a walk along Ctra. Del Cabo De La Nao via the lighthouse that overlooks Cabo de la Nao. In the evening we host Dave and Fi for a BBQ.

On Monday morning Sarah begins the administration set up with Caltex IT. We have some thinking, planning and work to do, but unfortunately the builders are very noisy today and it is annoying. In fact it is really annoying. Earlier the foreman, or at least he seems to be the on-site go to person announces himself in very limited English and with arms outstretched draws a square in the air with his fingers and points downstairs … smiling. In my ignorance I nod that he can have access and the next thing we know a jack-hammer is blasting into the wall. It seems that they have decided to carry on with their plans regardless of the fact we are in the house and are now knocking a hole in the south wall to fit a double patio door.

Fortunately for Sarah her ears are treated to some peace and she leaves for her favourite place the gym. She now has two options. Sparta in Javea and The Gym in Moraira which has better opening hours. The plan is that on her return she will swing by Senija Town Hall to obtain an updated Water Bill so that we can pay it at the nominated bank in Javea. It seems that we are fated as the Town Hall is closed due to one of the many Fiestas and not only that Sarah is now stuck in Senija because the roads are closed for a wedding procession through the town to the church.At 4:30 pm finally the builders leave for the day. We go down stairs to ascertain the damage. There is obviously still hammering to do as parts of the wall are still intact. They have sealed the archway to the kitchen and then draped plastic sheeting all around. Its like something from a horror movie. The kitchen leads to a small lounge and beyond our bedroom. Their efforts to conceal the dust have been fruitless. Its a bit of a disappointment and very thoughtless of them to do this. We send a picture of the current status of work to Steve and Helen. Not to complain, but more so that they know what is going on. They reply surprised as they had told the builders not to start that job while we were there. But what can you do, too late.

Tuesday comes round and the builders are still bashing a hole in the wall. Its loud and driving us a bit crazy. Sarah does her repeat trip to the gym and then again to Senija town Hall … but it is closed once again! She hears English voices from the Pharmacy next door and goes in to ask what’s going on. Its still a holiday and the Town Hall will be open tomorrow. The good news, to calm Sarah down is that her laptop is ready and so we collect it along with bag and a wireless english keyboard. This is better for typing, but also gives an option from the Spanish keyboard which is just a little different. The stores are stopping selling UK laptops with English keyboards due to warranty issues … apparently. On the way home we stop at Blu for them to configure the language option to english on my mobile so that I can setup my voicemail.

We are gradually getting through things. We tend not to hang about and beat ourselves up for what we haven’t ticked off the checklist. But we have done a lot in the last few weeks since being in Spain!

Until next time 🌏

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