With the guests …🌏

With the guests gone we have the option to sleep in the main Chambre. The advantage is the ensuite and the King size bed. The downside is the fact it is a water bed. It doesn’t appeal to me. A strange concept. But I did test it. I ventured on to the bed, not without first testing the pressure with my hand. I’m not heavy, but I just wanted to be sure it didn’t burst. As I lay there floating I couldn’t imagine how I would ever get to sleep. I seemed to be swaying gently and after a little while started to feel sea sick so swam to the edge and climbed out. Its a shame because the bed in our current room is like a french renaissance bed that is closed in at the bottom. It means I can’t dangle my feet over the edge and stretch my legs. The french pillows are square so I sort of lay my head about a foot from the headboard and scrunch up my legs. The other issue is the fact we have to pass through the kitchen to get to the bathroom. This means navigating the furry roundabout. First world problems of course. Doesn’t mean you have to accept them though does it? So in the end the Chambre is now a huge wardrobe/dressing room, meaning our bedroom is uncluttered from suitcases and other belongings draped everywhere.

Today I learned that Puppy can sing. The landline rings quite a few times. Doesn’t always seem to be the same tune so perhaps it is programmed for certain callers. One tune rings and Puppy howls like a wolf. Quite cute.

I also earned that Oliver doesn’t like broccoli. His bowl … well his tin tub … is licked clean leaving just the green stuff. Later in the week I discover he is fussier than I thought. He doesn’t eat oranges or asparagus either. So particular is he that he even licks the things he doesn’t like to get all the other stuff off.

Thomas the smaller horse escapes from the paddock and is roaming around amongst the daisies in the garden chomping away. I ponder on accidentally on purpose letting them all out to eat the grass and then claiming it was all my own work using the sit-on-mower, but decide against it for moral reasons. By the time I go down to feed Oliver all 3 of the horses have escaped and are waiting at the top gate near the tack room for me. I then reconsider my previous plan as they are already out. No. Lets stay honest … ha, ha, ha!Β The reason they managed this escapade into the garden is that the paddock gate is a bit flimsy despite that fact that it does have a bolt that fixes to the ground … just… and a wire loop that holds the 2 gates together. If they knew they could just trample it down. As it is Gervais said that they have occasionally just “nosed” off the loop and managed to get out if the bolt hasn’t been secured. The issue is that they can be a bit aggressive which is something I look out for when I take them their feed. Nougat is a bit of a boy. So I know once they see me with the feeding buckets all bets are off. If I’m not careful they would charge and easily knock me over. Trample me to death. Its hard, but someones got to do it. So I creep around the back of the pool. The paddock gate is in sight. They hear me with the buckets and start to trot. So I start to run. Its a bit of a game, but I run fast in my wellies and the boys pick up speed. I get there just in time and put the buckets down before they take my arms off.

Oh what fun it is!


We have had a few nights of very heavy rain and loud thunder. It makes the going tough down by the stables as the ground sucks at your feet so I try and feed the horses and Oliver later in the day in the hope that the ground has had a bit of a chance to dry out. It hasn’t.

Last night was no exception and the rain fell heavily. However, the upside is that the following morning the country air is fresh with vitality and calm … after the storm. You can feel it penetrating the atmosphere and tantalising your mind. I look out of the lounge window towards the back of Le Peyrail as the mist hangs lightly in the meadow and the first signs of the sun cast their light on the awakening sky.

I decide to to wander out into the sharp, fresh air and head south along Le Peyrail. I actually don’t go very far. I walk beyond the tiny hamlet up to a rise in the road to the vineyards. Away from the buildings the sun is beginning its journey. It is a funny concept that we call it sunrise, when in fact it is the earth rotating down … perhaps to honour the sun?

The vines are still, the grass remains moist from the kiss of the dew as the sun hasn’t quite risen enough to warm the green skin. There is a silence. A country silence. It is not always perfectly silent, but when it is you can hear that silence. It is the hum of nothing accept the earth breathing beneath your feet. In the distance I hear a cock crow. And then at 7:00 am the church bells ring out. Moments later I hear another 7 chimes. Is it another church a little late? Were the first chimes too early? They seemed to come from the same place, the same church. I realise that this happens every day and so I research the mystery. It still is a mystery. Even Google can’t explain. French church bells have no standard practice beyond the local village. Some say the bells ring for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The most reasonable explanation I came across was that the first set of chimes are for the time and the second that its time to get up.

Once the last chime has travelled beyond the capability of my ears the birds sing louder and the bees begin their hum. The neighbour, who is not in residence has a beautiful patch of poppies in the garden. They stand tall, bright red, glistening through the dew as the sun begins to embrace them. Everything is a miracle and we are all Miracle Millionaires!

Another miracle happened today. One of Sarahs clients needed to get a computer dongle to her to enable access to their system. The dongle is about the size of a thumb and is being dispatched from Sydney, Australia to the middle of nowhere in France. Mmm. We are sat out front having a midday snack at the small round table on the edge of the lane. Almost the curb. If a car goes by we have to swing our legs in. An unmarked white van appears. The driver is clearly wearing a bright polo shirt. he stops, and as he gets out to remove something from the back of the van we can clearly see “DHL”. We shouldn’t be amazed in this day and age, but we both are. The package has arrived from the other side of the world on the day they said it would. Amazing … a miracle!

Until next time 🌏

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