Off to Civray, France … 🌍

No sooner had Helen told us her news we got back onto the search and within a day secured a housesit for the last few weeks of April. So we are of to housesit for Jane and Martin in Civray, France. Les Grands Coudrais

They kindly also offered an extended stay if we need, in their little cottage, which doesn’t have a booking until 2 May.

Apparently their animals are all well-tempered and gentle, Sophie is an old girl now and has arthritis in her hip so can’t manage long walks. Fleur is the house clown and loves a long walk. The cats tend to sleep on various bits of furniture throughout the day and they have a cat flap, so wander in and out at will. The chickens are very low maintenance, they just need letting out in the morning, locking up at night, and making sure they have food and water.

The farmhouse is very comfortable, with a large kitchen and living room. The only work they ask for inside the house would be a daily vacuum downstairs (golden retrievers make a lot of fluff!) and are welcome to use the house as our own. They would prefer it if we could stay in the main house while they are away – in the rare event there’s a storm  during the night, Sophie can become quite anxious.

Until next time … 🌍