Gaillac Housesit Cancelled … 🌍

We had some disappointing news from Helen that the housesit for her in Gaillac would be cancelled. She was very sweet and sent a long email. Although she didn’t need us anymore it seems that she didn’t quite have the heart to make it a firm “No”. Bless her. She wrote …

“I’m writing to you both to put you in the picture with our situation regarding April which relates to our own Christmas time. I think I had told you that my husband Jon’s mother was diagnosed with lung cancer in September? She started her chemo with great gusto mid- October but after a terrible infection (pneumonia) was then swapped on to immunotherapy which she was a potentially positive candidate for. Well, in fact the day that after the children and I drove through France and arrived in England, Jan had a bad fall in her home and was rushed into hospital, where they scanned her brain to check for any skull damage but in act found that the cancer had moved to her brain. She was in hospital over the Christmas and NY and we all visited daily. She was then moved to a hospice since by now she was deteriorating rapidly and in fact she died about 10 days ago. It’s all been so, so sudden and so incredibly sad for us all – we were all very, very close to her especially the children too.

Our stay – which was originally planned for a fortnight, in fact turned out to be five weeks as I couldn’t bear to leave my husband to go through it all without us there to support him. We left a few days after Jan died and we are returning for three days for her funeral next week.

Sooooo, the upshot is that this has had an impact on my thoughts for us going back again at Easter. Of course, you guys are a priority as I don’t want to leave you homeless for ten days in April, but equally, these longer trips were booked when my lovely mother in law was alive, albeit unwell, and we were making use of any precious time remaining with her. Now, obviously this is no longer the case, and I think that if we were here for that period in April it would mean Jon could get a break from everything he is having to sort out and go through in England.

I realise I’m burdening you both with all of this and it’s really not your problem, I only hope that you can see why I’ve taken the choice to fill you in and not just carry on regardless.

Let me know your thoughts and we can go from there.

All the very best and huge apologies from me and the rest of us too.

Helen xx”

so … back on the search. May not be too much of a problem as I’m sure we can stay an extra week with Dave and Fi and it will also take a bit of pressure off the timeline for getting a car.

Until next time … 🌍