Before Christmas I …

Before Christmas I started to grow a “Goatee” which meant I close shaved with a wet razor except for my chin and moustache. It is complicated. I need to grow it out so it looks a bit like an uncontrollable brush. The idea is that once I can gauge the hair length and thickness I can trim to the desired look. But getting there is messy as hairs grow at varying rates and go in all sorts of directions. Because I am also shaving my face around the Goatee it is sensitive. I have rarely close shaved my face having spent the last 40+ years with a trimmed beard. So my cheeks and neck are sore. To help I have been applying some extra strong paw paw cream to help the razor burn. Sarah and I picked up this treatment after we had our tattoos as the artist recommended applying to help the healing.

It is starting to get there, but I have had a few tricky moments.

We invited Lexi for New Years Eve and during the midnight celebration we went cheek to cheek, but the paw paw was a bit sticky and we almost velcroed our faces together. The cream doesn’t seem to soak up well and leaves a bit of a gluey layer. I imagine myself being caught in a wind and bits of appear and grit fly up to my face and stick all over me. My face covered in paper and discarded cigarette packets.

I’ll walk around town like the paper mache man!

To boot, I am also growing my hair out. The sides are just a bit longer and greyer than they usually look. It is almost passable, but on top the sporadic covering of thin spiky hair may not be viable. I have until Sunday afternoon to decide the fate of my experiment.

Relaxed in the …

Relaxed in the Virgin Australia lounge at Melbourne airport having spent a few days in St Leonards with our first Australian friends Cathy (cufflink) and Ian. We met C&I at Liberty Grove where we bought our first Australian property, back in 2000, the Sydney Olympic year. They moved to Victoria a few months ago and our trip was to see their new home and also to say goodbye. St Leonards is a peaceful town, unlike the Sydney suburb of St Leonards where I currently work.

A few barbies, laughs, trips along the coast, walks by the shore and general relaxing made for a good time. Also managed to negotiate a few more sales via Gumtree on my iPhone. Looks like the table and chairs are now going on Saturday!