On Tuesday we … 🌏

On Tuesday (13th) we received an email from Michelle and Dougie, owners of Villa Ulignano in Sulmona. They thought it was about time they gave us a little update on where they are and their thoughts for later in the year when we housesit.

Their first 2 flights have been booked and confirmed so they are getting excited about their big trip. They depart from Rome on the 7 September and their first stop is Bangkok.

They have booked-out the apartment for the first few weeks of September and would like us to arrive around 1 September. The idea is that we would move into the apartment for the period leading up to them leaving. They could then spend those 5 or 6 days doing a slow and relaxed ‘handover’ of everything that we need to be aware of. Everything from how the solar system and boiler works and where we get the pellets and wood from, to what guests will expect when they arrive at the apartment. When they leave on the 7th, we can then move into the house in our own relaxed time.  The chances are there won’t be any bookings for the remainder of the year, but if they get any before we arrive, they will let us know in advance.

The main house has a lounge, kitchen, downstairs pantry and cloakroom. The upstairs has 2 bedrooms and a family bathroom. Michelles plan is to move all of their personal stuff…bookkeeping, clothes etc., into the boys room in the house. This would leave us with the large double room they currently use. In addition to that, below the apartment and with a separate entrance, there is a double ensuite bedroom. This would be ideal to use if we had any friends or family visiting us!

Villa Ulignano #01

Just a bit of trivia, but at the weekend we watched (again) The American starring George Clooney. A lot of the fliming was in this area and there are many scenes of Sulmona!

Until next time … 🌏