The Mystery …

We spent the weekend on the Gold Coast staying at the QT Hotel in Surfers Paradise. Its a funky hotel with a beach theme. Not the first time here, stayed a couple of years ago. The main reason for the short trip was to say “au revoir” to our good friends Judy and John (J&J) from New Zealand (NZ).

J&J have an apartment in Southport that they use occasionally and rent out when not on the Gold Coast, but they are now selling and their current trip will probably be their last, or certainly the last time that Sarah and I will get a chance to see them in Australia. When we moved from the UK to a snowing Wellington in July 1995, Judy became a colleague of Sarah’s at Anglian Water. Anglian Water, a UK company, had won the contract for building the sewerage (nice) recycling plant on the coast. It was through Anglian that we became very good friends with Dan & Trish (D&T).

Judie and John welcomed us as part of the family for our first Christmas away from our own families in the UK. We have been forever grateful for their friendship and love them dearly. So of course, sad to say that little goodbye this weekend. We spent many a time with them in Wellington and at their cottage the other side of the Rimutaka Range in Martinborough with D&T. D&T moved back to the UK and sadly Dan has passed. A strong tall gentle giant that is missed. 

I truly believe that J&J have no idea the extent of our gratitude for the friendship they extended and the warmth in which they went out of their way to make us at home.

Anyway, a cool raining weekend on the Gold Coast and a great meal on Saturday evening at Koi in Broadbeach, surprisingly, not a Japanese restaurant. A bottle of Otago Pinot and soon after, we parted, most likely for the last time.

Over the weekend we had a super surprise and have started making our plans. But yes, this is a mystery at the moment, because we can’t reveal what those plans are! Stick with us and all will be revealed as we edge closer to year end. I may seed a hint here or there, so look out. Teaser … Sedella, Spain, Sulmona, Italy. The journey has begun.

If not now, when?